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Being a street team member involves creating buzz and hype for the city of the concert. Street team members will be asked to put up flyers and posters at various locations throughout the city, as well as help spread the word online before the tour!

*Street Team Description*

- Must be 18 years or older by the date you apply.
- Must be able to pick posters/postcards (usually a cafe in the city).
- Posters/postcards will not be mailed out.

- Put up posters and pass out postcards in the city or surrounding areas the where concert will take place.
- Repost/share pertinent info online to help spread the word about updates.
- Determine locations and events where posters and postcards would be most effective.
*When choosing volunteers for the shows, we will take priority over street team members.

- Each street team member will receive a limited edition SubK Squad surprise goodie bag as a token of our appreciation!

- If there are any future opportunities for street team in Mexico City, we'll be sure to update everyone on social media as well as on this page. As of now, we will only be doing street team in Toronto and the USA.